Betekenis van:

to reassure
  • de vrees wegnemen bij
  • cause to feel sure; give reassurance to
"The airline tried to reassure the customers that the planes were safe"



to reassure
    • give or restore confidence in; cause to feel sure or certain
    "I reassured him that we were safe"



    1. That doesn't reassure me.
    2. Such standards would help to reassure the public that organs procured in another Member State carry the same basic quality and safety guarantees as those obtained in their own country.
    3. LDCOM further stresses the fact that the credibility of the State is fundamentally different from that of other enterprises in a similar situation which cannot reassure the market (as in the case of Vivendi Universal).
    4. As regards the advantage, the Commission would observe that the shareholder loan (which constitutes the upfront prepayment by the State towards the Company's recapitalisation), confers an advantage on France Télécom as it enables it to increase its means of financing and to reassure the market as to its capacity to meet its maturities.
    5. These circumstances show, in the Commission ' s opinion, that the State had to act urgently to reassure the market and to prevent any further downgrading of France Télécom ' s credit rating to that of junk bond status, as this would have had a highly negative impact on the Company ' s financial situation.
    6. This downgrading caused considerable concern on the financial markets about France Télécom ' s financial situation (and in particular about its capacity to refinance its EUR 15 billion debt falling due at the end of 2003), and the markets expected a reaction from the State designed to reassure them.
    7. In order to enhance security of supply, provide the markets with fuller information, reassure consumers about the state of oil stocks and optimise the way in which information is transmitted, provision should be made for possible subsequent amendment or clarification of the rules for the preparation and submission of statistical summaries.
    8. See France Télécom's comments contained in Mr Ehlermann's report of 21.1.2004: ‘… during the first half of 2002, the market gradually lost confidence in France Télécom's capacity to cope with its debt and in the management team's ability to solve the problem (point 7) … once the first half's figures were known and in view of the management team's inability to reassure the markets, the French State intervened in September 2002 (point 8).’