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reception line

reception line
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a line of people (hosts and guests of honor) who welcome the guests at a reception party



    1. Transmission apparatus for radio-broadcasting and television, without reception apparatus 8525 50 00 p/st S CPA 26.30.13: Television cameras Television cameras (including closed circuit TV cameras) (excluding camcorders) 8525 [80 (11 + 19)] p/st S CPA 26.30.21: Line telephone sets with cordless handsets Line telephone sets with cordless handsets
    2. Strengthen reception capacity and develop a central database for all aliens covering asylum, migration and visas. Develop and implement a migration policy, including an active return policy, which is in line with EU standards and effective in the fight against illegal migration and secondary migration movements.
    3. The comments submitted by ish (ish NRW GmbH), the main cable network operator in North Rhine-Westphalia, take a similar line to ANGA and generally support the position of the Commission in the opening decision. In its observations, ish claims having suffered significant customer loss (around 500000 in 2005) due to the launch of DVB-T and in particular due to the ‘free’ subsidised reception of DVB-T compared to the subscription-based use of cable [41].
    4. "Technology" for the "development" or "use" of "laser" communication techniques with the capability of automatically acquiring and tracking signals and maintaining communications through exoatmosphere or sub-surface (water) media; 3. "Technology" for the "development" of digital cellular radio base station receiving equipment whose reception capabilities that allow multi-band, multi-channel, multi-mode, multi-coding algorithm or multi-protocol operation can be modified by changes in "software"; 4. "Technology" for the "development" of "spread spectrum" techniques, including "frequency hopping" techniques. c. "Technology" according to the General Technology Note for the "development" or "production" of any of the following telecommunication transmission or switching equipment, functions or features: 1. Equipment employing digital techniques designed to operate at a "total digital transfer rate" exceeding 15 Gbit/s; Technical Note: For switching equipment the "total digital transfer rate" is measured at the highest speed port or line. 2. Equipment employing a "laser" and having any of the following: