Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • het wederkerig zijn, wederzijdse betrekkingen
  • mutual exchange of commercial or other privileges


Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a relation of mutual dependence or action or influence





    1. Starting next month, Brazil will implement the law of reciprocity with Spain.
    2. Reciprocity
    3. Market opening and reciprocity
    4. there are working arrangements on the basis of reciprocity agreed between the competent authorities concerned;
    5. Subject to reciprocity, the Agreement shall be applied on a provisional basis, pending its formal conclusion, from 1 January 2007.
    6. In the meantime, it shall be applied provisionally from 1 January 2007 on the condition of reciprocity.
    7. conditions of reciprocity with the Member State in which the provider already has an establishment, save in the case of conditions of reciprocity provided for in Community instruments concerning energy;
    8. Any such agreements shall be based on reciprocity and include provisions on confidentiality corresponding to those applicable in the Community.
    9. Any Member State may apply the principle of reciprocity in relation to any Member State making use of paragraph 2.
    10. Subject to reciprocity, the Memorandum shall be applied on a provisional basis as from the signature thereof, pending the completion of the procedures for its formal conclusion.
    11. The amended solidarity mechanism aims at achieving full reciprocity in respect of all Member States and creating an effective and accountable mechanism in order to ensure it.
    12. In the meantime, it shall be applied provisionally from 1 January 2007 on the condition of reciprocity. Please accept, Sir, the assurance of my highest consideration.’
    13. It has been agreed by the Parties, on the basis of reciprocity, that the changes to bilateral tariff concessions should be applied retroactively from 1 May 2004.
    14. Given the seriousness of such situations of non-reciprocity, it is essential that they should be notified without fail by the Member State(s) concerned.
    15. The provisions of Article 20 of Annex IV will be implemented in accordance with the principle of reciprocity with other donors.