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Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • represented accurately or precisely




    1. I represented my university at the conference.
    2. He represented his class at the meeting.
    3. The mother and daughter represented two generations.
    4. He represented Japan at a conference.
    5. The cicada has represented insouciance since antiquity.
    6. Modern heroes are represented by rock stars.
    7. He represented the mayor at a ceremony.
    8. He represented our company at the conference.
    9. For the boy, his father represented authority.
    10. Mary represented her team in the competition.
    11. The lawyer represented his client at the meeting.
    12. John represented his class in the swimming match.
    13. He represented the labor union on the committee.
    14. In modern computer systems, umlaut and diaeresis are represented identically.
    15. The different character typologies are represented schematically in figure one.