Betekenis van:

  • pal, direct, onmiddellijk, vlak
  • in a rigid manner
"the body was rigidly erect"



  1. From the viewpoint of tissue culture, the environment for this experiment should be more rigidly defined.
  2. The suspension system is assumed to be rigidly fixed.
  3. ‘Manual valve’ means a manual valve rigidly fixed to the cylinder.
  4. The body of the pendulum shall be rigidly attached to two rigid bars.
  5. The impactor shall be freely suspended by rigid arms rigidly secured to it.
  6. The movement of the carrier of machinery serving fixed landings must be rigidly guided to and at the landings.
  7. A manual valve is rigidly fixed to the cylinder which can be integrated into the automatic cylinder valve.
  8. ‘Automatic cylinder valve’ means an automatic valve rigidly fixed to the cylinder which controls the flow of gas to the fuel system.
  9. This section shall be fixed rigidly to the test bench so that it does not move under the impact of the head form.
  10. This section shall be fixed rigidly to the test bench, so that it does not move under the impact of the body block.
  11. The pendulum pivot points must be rigidly fixed so that their displacement in any direction does not exceed 1 per cent of the height of fall.
  12. For suspension seats, the vertical position shall be rigidly fixed corresponding to a normal driving position as specified by the manufacturer.
  13. The coupling devices or component on test should normally be mounted as rigidly as possible on a test rig in the actual position in which they will be used on the vehicle.
  14. Production System Training: The United Kingdom has explained that Vauxhall applies an annual routine training which provides its staff with a set of rigidly standardised methods for each task.
  15. Anchoring rails with the requisite track width and covering the necessary area for lashing the tractor in all the cases illustrated (see Figures 7.4, 7.5 and 7.6) must be rigidly attached to a non-yielding base beneath the pendulum.