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safety margin

safety margin
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the margin required in order to insure safety




    1. (without safety margin).
    2. The result is the so-called margin of safety (MOS).
    3. This corresponds to a safety margin of about 10 % (in fact, 6 points out of 56).
    4. This maximum level responds to the need to ensure a large margin of safety.
    5. Safety margin deduction because of lower preliminary determination in the balance sheet as at 31.12.1998 [48]
    6. This level responds also to the need to ensure a large margin of safety.
    7. The safety margin between current exposure and the World Health Organisation provisional tolerable weekly intake level is extremely small.
    8. an additional premium is collected in order to set up a safety margin of an appropriate amount;
    9. The purpose of these studies is to characterise signs of intolerance and to establish an adequate margin of safety using the recommended route(s) of administration.
    10. the target species at the highest proposed levels of incorporation in the feed or water and at a multiple of that level to establish a margin of safety;
    11. Conversions into capital: EUR 91,6 million + provision of extra funds: EUR 140 million, including a safety margin of EUR 21 million allocated to the subsidiary.
    12. As regards the consumer exposure, the information currently available allows nonetheless to conclude that the risk is acceptable, given the large margin of safety that exists.
    13. When the margin of safety exceeds 1, the examined situation can be considered as a source of potential health risk for an exposed person.
    14. In practice this means that no margin of safety can be established, and any increase to the natural background concentrations is likely to present a risk for the aquatic environment’,
    15. The construction gauge of rolling stock travelling on a given section of line shall be smaller, by an appropriate safety margin, than the minimum structure gauge of the line in question.