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securities industry

securities industry
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the securities markets in the aggregate





    1. at least two full members representing banks which are active in the securities settlement industry to serve their local customers,
    2. proven expertise and recent practical experience, including at European or international level, in areas relevant to the investment services and securities industry and/or, in the impact of the EU securities directives in those areas;
    3. In selecting experts, the Commission shall also have regard to the need to encompass expertise covering all the relevant functions and products within the securities industry.
    4. The members of the group shall be appointed by the Commission on the basis of applications in response to a call for expressions of interest by high level experts with practical experience from business and academic communities and civil society, including consumers or investors representatives, involved in the investment services and the securities industry.
    5. the acquisition or extension of a participation in enterprises in Iran that are engaged in the sectors of the Iranian oil and gas industry referred to in Article 4(1), or to Iranian or Iranian-owned enterprises engaged in those sectors outside Iran, including the acquisition in full of such enterprises and the acquisition of shares and securities of a participating nature;