Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • niet geheel fijngemalen gepelde tarwe of spelt
  • milled product of durum wheat (or other hard wheat) used in pasta



  1. Semolina
  2. Semolina and tapioca puddings and similar products
  3. This category includes also similar products otherwise denominated such as semolina.
  4. Under Article 73 of Regulation (EC) No 1782/2003, the granting of the specific quality premium for durum wheat is subject to the use of certain quantities of certified seeds of varieties recognised, in the production zone, as being of high quality for the production of semolina or pasta.
  5. Products derived from Zea mays L. line MON810 (food and food ingredients produced from maize flour, maize gluten, maize semolina, maize starch, maize glucose and maize oil produced from Zea mays L. line MON810) are authorised under Regulations (EC) No 258/97 [4] and (EC) No 1829/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council [5].
  6. Ventilation should be such that, when small-grained cereals (common wheat, durum wheat, barley and sorghum) are dried for two hours and maize for four hours, the results from all the test samples of semolina or, as the case may be, maize that the heating chamber can hold differ by less than 0,15 % from the results obtained after drying small-grained cereals for three hours and maize for five hours.