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Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • in serie
  • in regular succession without gaps



  1. Sequential number.
  2. [Sequential number]
  3. Sequential number
  4. TRANSACTION ID: Sequential number.
  5. Sequential number, no gaps
  6. Sequential number, no gaps.
  7. Sequential number starting with 1, no gaps.
  8. SEQ 47/50, sequential sampler, from Leckel Company, Germany,
  9. HVS-DHA 80, sequential sampler, from Digitel, Switzerland.
  10. Sequential number starting with 1 in each report, no gaps.
  11. The numbering must be sequential and preferably printed.
  12. Provide a unique sequential number, starting with 1
  13. ADAM, beta ray attenuation, sequential, from OPSIS, Sweden,
  14. Sequential account may be taken of the following factors:
  15. Sequential number, common to all PIL lines related to the same physical object.