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service industry

service industry
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • an industry that provides services rather than tangible objects




    1. contributing to the definition and promotion of competitiveness strategies related to industry and service sectors;
    2. Sustaining a competitive industry (including manufacturers, service providers and operators) requires new research and technologies.
    3. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will have statutory responsibility through its executive agency Small Business Service (SBS).
    4. These are bringing breakthroughs that lead to innovation in ICT and to entirely new industry and service sectors.
    5. In 2006 the Ministry of Trade and Industry blocked Tieliikelaitos’ negotiations with several cities about setting up joint ventures that would combine the technical service units of the cities with Tieliikelaitos local service units.
    6. To be competitive the European Railway Industry must deliver higher service quality to its customers (see also Annex III, Article 2.7.1 to the Directive 2001/16/EC).
    7. Information and communication technologies (ICT) play a unique, proven role in fostering innovation, creativity and competitiveness of all industry and service sectors.
    8. ICT is the leading factor in boosting innovation and creativity and in mastering change in value chains across industry and service sectors.
    9. As the Commission has indicated in previous decisions [21], manufacturing industry cannot be compared to a service sector such as theme parks or one of its subsectors.
    10. a set of technical standards and requirements allowing the industry to provide the necessary equipment for the provision of the service.
    11. Member States should encourage port authorities and industry to exchange best practice concerning shore-side electricity supply and harmonising procedures for this service.
    12. According to the French authorities, the operating grants and the investment grants were awarded by the Ministry of Industry and the BNM in return for the LNE's public service tasks.
    13. Pursuant to Article 163 of the Treaty, the encouragement of research and technological development is a means of strengthening the scientific and technological basis of Community industry, and the opening-up of service contracts contributes to this end.
    14. The group shall be composed of high level representatives from relevant ITS service providers, associations of users, transport and facilities operators, manufacturing industry, social partners, professional associations, local authorities and other relevant fora.
    15. Therefore, it is expected that industry, the finance and service sectors will contribute significantly to the budget of the EIT and, in particular, to the budget of the KICs.