Betekenis van:
shock absorber

shock absorber
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • instrument dat schokken opvangt; instrument dat schokken opvangt
  • a mechanical damper; absorbs energy of sudden impulses





  1. Damaged shock absorber showing signs of severe leakage or malfunction.
  2. A ram wagon shall be equipped with automatic coupler type SA3 and a coupler shock absorber.
  3. Tank wagons for dangerous goods shall be equipped with couplers shock absorber complying with following parameters:
  4. The largest angle defined by the swinging of the front axle from the horizontal position to the maximum deflection shall be measured on both sides of the axle, taking into account any end-stroke shock absorber.
  5. Diesel cycle engine air independent systems, having all of the following: a. Chemical scrubber or absorber systems specially designed to remove carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulates from recirculated engine exhaust; b. Systems specially designed to use a monoatomic gas; c. Devices or enclosures specially designed for underwater noise reduction in frequencies below 10 kHz or special mounting devices for shock mitigation; and d. Specially designed exhaust systems that do not exhaust continuously the products of combustion;