Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • able to make fine distinctions
    "a subtle mind"
    Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
      • working or spreading in a hidden and usually injurious way
      "a subtle poison"


      Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
        • difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze
        "his whole attitude had undergone a subtle change"
        "a subtle difference"



        1. She has a subtle charm.
        2. Her exotic perfume has a subtle scent.
        3. We need something a bit more subtle.
        4. This word has a subtle nuance to it.
        5. There is a subtle difference between the two words.
        6. There are subtle differences between the two things.
        7. Subtle differences in tone discriminate the original from the copy.
        8. There are subtle differences between the two pictures.
        9. There was a subtle difference between their views.
        10. There's a subtle difference in meaning between the two words.
        11. She's been dropping some not-so-subtle hints about what she would like for Christmas.
        12. And then she let slip a not-so-subtle innuendo about my drinking habits.
        13. Stop trying to make us follow all these subtle clues. I wish you would say what you want to say more clearly.
        14. Forest honey has a distinctive intense colour, subtle aromas due to the mixture of honeydew and nectars, a flavour that is intense and a taste that is slightly stringent.