Betekenis van:

to supersede
  • remplaceren, vervangen
  • take the place or move into the position of





  1. Such decisions supersede the terms established in Article 72 for the product concerned,
  2. This Decision should supersede the terms laid down in Article 11 for the products concerned.
  3. This Memorandum of Cooperation does not supersede or prejudge other forms of cooperation between the Parties.
  4. The revised model test method should supersede the previously applied model test method provided for in Directive 2003/25/EC.
  5. This Standard and the accompanying Implementation Guidance supersede the Implementation Guidance issued by the IAS 39 Implementation Guidance Committee, established by the former IASC.
  6. A decision by the Joint Council to accelerate the elimination of a custom duty or otherwise improve conditions of access shall supersede the terms established in Articles 4 to 10 for the product concerned,
  7. This Decision shall supersede the terms laid down in Articles 65, 68 and 71 of the Association Agreement with respect to imports into the Community of the products concerned.
  8. On entry into force, any amendment adopted in accordance with the procedures set out in paragraph 1 above shall for all Contracting Parties replace and supersede any previous provisions to which the amendment refers.
  9. The requirements of Council Directive 72/462/EEC [7] should continue to apply only to the import of live animals, since the new hygiene rules and Directive 2002/99/EC will supersede its rules on fresh meat and meat products.
  10. As residues of morantel in foodstuff from treated animals may supersede the acceptable daily intake 24 hours after administration, it is considered necessary, for reasons of consumer safety and to allow adequate withdrawal periods to be established for veterinary medicinal products containing morantel, to establish maximum residues limits, taking account of the maximum residue limits previously established.
  11. Containers approved for the transport of goods under Customs seal in accordance with the Customs Convention on Containers, 1956, the agreements arising there from concluded under the auspices of the United Nations, the Customs Convention on Containers, 1972 or any international instruments that may supersede or modify the latter Convention, shall be considered as complying with the provisions of paragraph 1 above and must be accepted for transport under the TIR procedure without further approval.