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tag on

to tag on
    • fix to; attach





    1. Tom, Mary and John were playing tag on the playground.
    2. You can put your name on a name tag.
    3. Put a tag on the pages you want copied.
    4. Fig. 2 Tag position on wagon
    5. Tag indicating start of a declaration on trans-zonal fishing
    6. Tag indicating start of a declaration on crossing the effort zone (no fishing operation).
    7. Tag indicating start of an declaration on entry into the effort zone
    8. Tag indicating start of a declaration on exit of the effort zone
    9. each tail tag shall have a unique identification number and be included on bluefin tuna statistical documents and written on the outside of any package containing tuna.
    10. Tag indicating start of a declaration on crossing the effort zone (no fishing operation). Only DA TI POS needs to be specified in COE and COX declarations
    11. ‘RFID tag’ or ‘tag’ means either a RFID device having the ability to produce a radio signal or a RFID device which re-couples, back-scatters or reflects (depending on the type of device) and modulates a carrier signal received from a reader or writer;
    12. ‘radio frequency identification (RFID)’ means the use of electromagnetic radiating waves or reactive field coupling in the radio frequency portion of the spectrum to communicate to or from a tag through a variety of modulation and encoding schemes to uniquely read the identity of a radio frequency tag or other data stored on it;
    13. ‘label’ means any tag, brand, mark, pictorial or other descriptive matter, written, printed, stencilled, marked, embossed, impressed on, or attached to the packaging or the container of feed; and
    14. They can process personal data stored on the tag such as a person’s name, birth date or address or biometric data or data connecting a specific RFID item number to personal data stored elsewhere in the system.
    15. ‘All animals on a holding in Bulgaria or Romania born by the date of accession or intended for intra-Community trade after that date shall be identified by an ear tag approved by the competent authority, applied to each ear.’