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take the stand

to take the stand
    • give testimony in a court of law





    take the stand


    1. You may take the stand.
    2. Tom only take painkillers when he just can't stand the pain any longer.
    3. Someday someone will stand on the Martian landscape and take a picture of Earth in the night sky.
    4. The business plan available on 5 December 2008 had been drawn up on a stand-alone basis and does not take account of any potential synergies which might be achieved with a strategic partner.
    5. This applies especially to HSBC's evaluation in the recommendation to the Province of Burgenland, the evaluation of BB's stand-alone-value by gmc-unitreu in the context of BB's restructuring prior to any privatisation attempt, and the Consortium's own stand-alone evaluation of BB (which is of no consequence as the Consortium is free to take the value of further factors into account, specific to the Consortium alone).
    6. The terms of the subordinated loan were negotiated as part of the total package as opposed to a stand-alone facility. The UK stated that the condition under which repayment could take place only after release of the pension escrow was a consequence of the subordinated nature of the loan.
    7. On balance, it is estimated that the actual outcome is likely to stand in the middle of these two scenarios, for the following reasons. The Community industry might increase its prices to a certain extent, but it will also likely take advantage of the relief in price pressure to regain lost market share by pricing competitively vis-à-vis Indian prices.
    8. Whereas Member States should also, where appropriate under national conditions and taking into account the budgetary situation, consider the maintenance of entitlements to relevant social security benefits as they stand during the minimum period of parental leave as well as the role of income among other factors in the take-up of parental leave when implementing this agreement;
    9. In the Commission's view, this will allow a potential investor sufficient time to take a look at the bank's market operations on a stand‐alone basis following expiry of the institutional and guarantor liability in 2005 and to conduct a proper analysis with a view to preparing its bid.
    10. It should take account, inter alia, of the present state of and future prospects for supply and demand on the relevant product market, with scenarios reflecting best-case, worst-case and intermediate assumptions and the firm’s specific strengths and weaknesses. It should enable the firm to progress towards a new structure that offers it prospects for long term viability and enables it to stand on its own feet.