Betekenis van:
target area

target area
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • goal; dat waar je op richt; schatting v.e. mikpunt; mikpunt
  • the location of the target that is to be hit





  1. Target area
  2. TA Target area
  3. Dimensions of the Target Area
  4. Limit criteria outside of the target area
  5. Visibility requirements for the Target Area
  6. Transverse dimensions of the target area
  7. Longitudinal dimension of the target area
  8. Position of the Target Area in the XY plane
  9. Target area: the plan view dimensions, that is in the XY plane, of the target zone.
  10. LTA Longitudinal length in mm of the target area
  11. WTA Lateral width in mm of the target area
  12. Taking into account mechanical tolerances the target area shall:
  13. Figure 2 shows the position and minimum dimensions of the target area using rolling stock coordinates.
  14. Transverse dimensions and height above rail level of the target area
  15. Dimensions and position of the target area (TA) in the XY plane (viewed from below)