Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
  • onbelastbaar
  • (of goods or funds) not taxed
"tax-exempt bonds"


Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a security that is not subject to taxation





    1. Donations to philanthropic programs are tax-exempt.
    2. The three LTS are exempt from corporation tax, property tax and tax on business capital.
    3. the entire tax-exempt reserve fund of 84 undertakings,
    4. Germany reiterated its view that the trade tax measure does not exempt companies from trade tax.
    5. The tax exempt status described above has been extended under certain conditions to so-called exempt financial holding companies — a subcategory of exempt 1929 holding companies.
    6. In regard to the property tax and leasehold excise tax exemptions, as stated above, qualifying real and personal property is exempt from property tax and leasehold excise tax.
    7. This means that netting tax-exempt reserves with old losses implied a 10 % tax on the amount involved.
    8. Such premises will consequently be exempt from the additional rate, the business property occupation tax.
    9. Only profits in the housing promotion sector are exempt from tax.
    10. Furthermore, the profit from Wfa's activities remained exempt from corporation tax (Körperschaftssteuer) after the transfer.
    11. The same applies to the integration of a private tax-exempt entity into a private bank.
    12. The leasehold excise tax is a tax imposed in lieu of property tax when exempt property, such as public port property, is used by a non-exempt entity, such as a for profit business.
    13. BdB pointed out that Wfa remained exempt from property tax, tax on business capital and corporation tax even after the transfer.
    14. On account of its non-profit character, it was exempt from corporation tax (Körperschaftssteuer), property tax (Vermögenssteuer) and tax on business capital (Gewerbekapitalsteuer).
    15. Exempt billionaire holding companies may opt for a tax regime whereby the subscription tax is replaced by a so-called income tax.