Betekenis van:

to underpin
    • support from beneath


    to underpin
      • support with evidence or authority or make more certain or confirm




      1. Therefore, they also underpin WestLB's competitive business.
      2. Capital base that was available to underpin Helaba's competitive business
      3. Infrastructure services underpin the delivery of pan-European eGovernment services;
      4. Two main issues underpin the definition of such a strategy:
      5. underpin EU policies and activities regarding health determinants,
      6. Scientific advice should underpin Community legislation on food hygiene.
      7. A strong research base will underpin such objectives.
      8. There are additional factors which underpin such competition concerns.
      9. The fundamental standards that underpin the cooperation via SIRENE shall be as follows:
      10. Most of the remainder was available to Helaba to underpin and expand its competitive business.
      11. The fundamental standards that underpin the cooperation via Sirene are the following:
      12. These two pillars underpin the Laeken and pension indicators of the OMC.
      13. An overall strategy for international cooperation within the Seventh Framework Programme will underpin this activity.
      14. Addressing the root causes of illegal wildlife trade is important in order to underpin enforcement efforts.
      15. LSH paid a remuneration only on the amount it could use to underpin its commercial business.