Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • uitbuiting, exploitatie, uitzuiging
  • an act that exploits or victimizes someone (treats them unfairly)





  1. Victimisation
  2. Promoting investigation of the online victimisation of children.
  3. Budget breakdown of action grants for translating and testing a victimisation survey module
  4. The effective implementation of the principle of equal treatment requires adequate judicial protection against victimisation.
  5. Each Member State shall prohibit and penalise any kind of victimisation of a seafarer for filing a complaint.
  6. the current research being carried out into the potential for Community statistics on crime (including organised crime), victimisation and criminal justice will be continued.
  7. The term ‘victimisation’ covers any adverse action taken by any person with respect to a seafarer for lodging a complaint which is not manifestly vexatious or maliciously made.
  8. The on-board complaint procedures shall include the right of the seafarer to be accompanied or represented during the complaints procedure, as well as safeguards against the possibility of victimisation of seafarers for filing complaints.
  9. An evaluation committee met on 6 November 2007, 22 November 2007 and 17 December 2007 and recommended the attribution of the grants for translating and testing a victimisation survey module.
  10. A specific call for proposals on translating and testing a victimisation survey module was sent on 16 August 2007 to all selected framework partners who had chosen the option ‘Statistics on crime and criminal justice’.
  11. on the attribution of action grants for translating and testing a victimisation survey module under the specific programme ‘Prevention of and fight against crime’ as part of the general programme on security and safeguarding liberties
  12. Actions, incorporating a gender-sensitive approach, will aim to investigate technical, psychological and sociological issues related to the victimisation of children in the online environment, including cyber-bullying, grooming, issues relating to online child sexual abuse material and emerging forms of conduct that put children at risk of harm.