Betekenis van:
wound up

wound up
Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • brought to a state of great tension
    "all wound up for a fight"




    1. The cabinet minister wound up submitting his resignation.
    2. State police spokeswoman Janet Welp says the truck wound up crashing into a bridge railing along Interstate 30.
    3. Every time a man is begotten and born, the clock of human life is wound up anew to repeat once more its same old tune that has already been played innumerable times, movement by movement and measure by measure, with insignificant variations.
    4. Transfer when TV2 Fund was wound up
    5. Transfer when Radio Fund was wound up
    6. The scheme was fully wound up on 1 August 2002.
    7. SSN, with any remaining assets and liabilities, will be wound up.
    8. After IRI was wound up on 27 June 2000, the State reorganised and transferred its holdings.
    9. Once these tasks have been carried out, MDPA will be wound up.
    10. The debate shall be wound up without the adoption of a resolution.
    11. The bankruptcy proceedings were terminated and the company was wound up on 28 March 2007.
    12. MDPA will be wound up on completion of those tasks, scheduled for the end of 2009.
    13. The amount of the guaranteed loans was transferred to TV2 when the Fund was wound up.
    14. “Strip-wound” — a ribbon of tread material which is directly extruded and wound on to the prepared casing and built up to the required cross sectional contour.
    15. In addition, the enterprise being wound up will not have its debts paid by a third party, as happens here.