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yield up

to yield up
    • surrender, as a result of pressure or force




    1. I'll stand up for what I believe in and won't yield to any threats.
    2. the areas grubbed up, split by regions and by yield ranges;
    3. A pilot project shall always include adequate scientific follow-up in order to yield significant results.
    4. However, in duly justified cases, the Member States may, by way of an exception, accept a quantity up to 10 % below the representative yield.
    5. Ordinary savings certificates: these are financial products with a 20-year maturity and a fixed annual yield that grows over time (a step-up structure),
    6. According to Italy, as we have seen, the stable component of the deposit, which is of a long-term nature, is reflected in the long-term element of the loan rate (90 %, made up of (i) 10 % linked to the yield of the 10-year multiannual Treasury bond, and (ii) 80 % linked to the yield of the 30-year multiannual Treasury bond).
    7. low interest risk, where they have a residual maturity of up to and including one year, or regular yield adjustments in line with money market conditions at least every 12 months; and
    8. As concerns aid applications in the context of the grubbing-up scheme set up in Subsection III of Section IVa of Chapter III of Title I of Part II, Member States shall notify the Commission by 1 March each year of the applications accepted, split by regions and by yield ranges, and the total amount of grubbing-up premiums paid by region.
    9. In 2007, the first year of real active fund management conducted by PI, the portfolio had an average life of […] years, and its implicit return was 5,13 %, made up of 4,13 % in yield on the portfolio and 1 % in implicit capital gain.
    10. This amendment corrects the error in the assessment of the maximum weight of carcasses which was made at the time the initial application was drawn up and was the result of an incorrect assessment at the time of the yield at slaughter.
    11. PDO ‘Muscadet’, ‘Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire’, ‘Muscadet-Côtes de Grandlieu’, ‘Muscadet-Sèvre et Maine’, ‘Gros Plant du Pays Nantais’: wine with particular specifications (such as yield, alcohol strengh) which stays on its lees up to 1 March of the year following the vintage year.
    12. The two parties, Alitalia and Fintecna, have signed two letters of intent and have agreed, with the aid of their respective consultants, on a scheme which will yield a profit of approximately 25 % on the funds invested by Fintecna up to 2008; however, certain aspects of the operation still have to be negotiated between the parties.
    13. aid at a rate of up to 70 % of the costs of tests performed by or on behalf of third parties, to determine the genetic quality or yield of livestock, with the exception of controls undertaken by the owner of the livestock and routine controls of milk quality;
    14. It was in principle true that, on the market, an investor accepted the lack of fungibility of his investment in return for a higher yield. Indeed, the lack of fungibility of the silent partnership contribution of the Land as compared with profit-sharing capital had been taken into account in the discussions leading up to the transaction.
    15. Interest rate risk [64] is the risk that short-term interest rates may increase during the lifetime of the long-term investments, while long-term interest rates are locked in; or, to take an equivalent market-value perspective, that the market value of equity drops while the yield curve shifts up, given that the value of the assets will fall further than the liabilities if the liabilities have a shorter effective lifetime.