Vertaling van to advocate


to advocate {ww.}
plaider pour
être l'avocat de
to offer, to propose, to suggest, to advance, to proffer, to propound, to advocate {ww.}

I advocate
you advocate
we advocate

je propose
tu proposes
nous proposons
» meer vervoegingen van proposer

He dared to propose to her.
Il a osé lui proposer.
Nobody was able to suggest a solution.
Personne n'était capable de proposer une solution.
to recommend, to advocate {ww.}

I advocate
you advocate
we advocate

je recommande
tu recommandes
nous recommandons
» meer vervoegingen van recommander

I can recommend this restaurant.
Je peux recommander ce restaurant.
Can you recommend a good dictionary?
Peux-tu me recommander un bon dictionnaire?

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advocate - offer - propose - suggest - advance - proffer - propound - recommend