Betekenis van:
basketball play

basketball play
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a play executed by a basketball team




    1. They play basketball.
    2. Do you play basketball well?
    3. Let's play basketball after school.
    4. I play basketball with Tom.
    5. Mike likes to play basketball.
    6. She used to play basketball.
    7. I like to play basketball.
    8. I play center in football and basketball.
    9. I like basketball, but I can't play.
    10. It is interesting to play basketball.
    11. Mike doesn't play basketball on Mondays.
    12. Two years ago, I couldn't play basketball at all.
    13. Two years ago I could not play basketball at all.
    14. I play many ball games; baseball, basketball, and so on.
    15. How often did you play basketball when you were in high school?