Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • geografische scheidingslijn
  • the line or plane indicating the limit or extent of something






  1. My heart bounds with expectation.
  2. His curiosity knew no bounds.
  3. His ambition knows no bounds.
  4. Her vanity knows no bounds.
  5. Her love of money is without bounds.
  6. He hit the ball out of bounds.
  7. There were no bounds to his ambition.
  8. His greed for power knows no bounds.
  9. Such matters are beyond the bounds of human knowledge.
  10. The Brazilian economy is growing by leaps and bounds.
  11. In American society, economic power knows no bounds.
  12. The population is increasing by leaps and bounds.
  13. Progress in medicine is going ahead by leaps and bounds.
  14. His career is progressing in leaps and bounds.
  15. All these are ways of exceeding the bounds imposed on us by human nature.