Betekenis van:
close in

to close in
  • toegaan naar
  • advance or converge on





  1. The walls close in on me.
  2. Tom is standing close to Mary in that picture.
  3. Tom snuggled in close, putting his arm around Mary.
  4. They lived in a village close to a forest.
  5. A strong draft is getting in, close the window !
  6. They live in a house close to ours.
  7. They live in a city close to Beijing.
  8. A strong draft is getting in, close the door !
  9. Today, foreign relations and domestic affairs are in close contact.
  10. The company plans to close its U.S. sales unit in New York.
  11. In the winter, I like to sled down the small hill close to our home.
  12. Don't go too close to the pond so that you won't fall in.
  13. We had to close the windows so that the mosquitoes wouldn't come in.
  14. The enemy can't close in on us so they can't do anything.
  15. This tree is not even close to being the tallest in the parish.