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course of instruction


  1. the training course must comprise a breakdown of theoretical knowledge and practical flight instruction (including synthetic training), if applicable.
  2. The period of professional activity and practical training shall not be shorter than the course of theoretical instruction together with the practical training required in Article 10.
  3. It will be seen from recitals 77 and 78 that the training courses provided for in the notified project are, to a large extent, mandatory aircraft towing and pushback; aircraft de-icing (basic course); aircraft de-icing (refresher course); apron driver licence; airside supervision; fire protection instruction; cargo door operation; first aid; forklift certificate; IATA PK 7/8; ground service equipment; ramp safety; safety instruction; and security awareness. The ULD build-up course is a specific training measure designed for the handling of DHL containers.
  4. Without prejudice to Article 11, a natural person may be approved to carry out a statutory audit only after having attained university entrance or equivalent level, then completed a course of theoretical instruction, undergone practical training and passed an examination of professional competence of university final or equivalent examination level, organised or recognised by the Member State concerned.