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economic aid

economic aid
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • money to support a worthy person or cause





    1. Japan's foreign aid is decreasing in part because of an economic slowdown at home.
    2. Foreign economic-aid-related services
    3. the economic aspect of the proposed aid.
    4. aid granted for socio-economic measures;
    5. the economic aspect of the proposed aid;
    6. In which economic sector(s) does this alleged aid apply?
    7. In this case there is no new economic advantage so the aid should be considered an existing aid.
    8. In the State Aid Action Plan, the Commission underlined the importance of strengthening the economic approach to State aid analysis.
    9. Being a core part of an economic unit in difficulty, […] is eligible for restructuring aid.
    10. The economic activities hereunder cannot, according to the notification, receive direct transport aid.
    11. The Commission notes that the economic activity benefits from the advantage conferred and from State aid.
    12. Thirdly, it analysed the aid as compensation for charges linked to services of general economic interest.
    13. The concept of aid is an objective concept based on economic reality.
    14. The aid thus contributed to a further economic ‘consolidation of power’ in the Berlin banking market.
    15. This assessment was based on the following conclusions as regards the economic benefits of the aid: