Betekenis van:
electronic device


  1. When a new electronic device is released, everyone goes crazy.
  2. Use an electronic leak detection device
  3. deploy or service a FAD or associated electronic device,
  4. a device with electronic components having the shape of a cigarette;
  5. Versions of proposals submitted on a removable electronic storage medium (e.g. CD-ROM or any similar electronic device), by e-mail or by fax will be excluded.
  6. The device may be equipped with an automatic ignition advance timing adjuster integrated in the electronic module or separated.
  7. Non-electronic instruments and apparatus, without a recording device, for measuring or checking electrical gains (excluding multimeters, voltmeters)
  8. for the actions referred to in Article 4(1)(b), the Commission may decide to grant a lump sum per vessel localisation device or for a device allowing electronic recording and reporting of data;
  9. Electronic instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking voltage, current, resistance or electrical power, without recording device (excluding multimeters, and oscilloscopes and oscillographs)
  10. Electrically operated watch movements, complete and assembled excluding with mechanical display only or a device in which incorporated — with opto-electronic display only
  11. Digital electronic devices shall always exercise adequate control of the correct operation of the measuring process, of the indicating device, and of all data storage and data transfer.
  12. includes e-money products that provide customers with a portable electronic device, typically an integrated circuit card containing a microprocessor chip (e.g. prepaid cards).
  13. The electronic device is considered to be an electrical apparatus, having an individual function, not specified or included elsewhere in Chapter 85.
  14. Non-electronic instruments and apparatus, for measuring or checking voltage, current, resistance or power, without a recording device (excluding multimeters, voltmeters)
  15. Assembly comprising prisms, digital micromirror device (DMD) chips and electronic control circuits, for the manufacture of television projection equipments or video projectors [1]