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  • ideologie die gericht is op gemeenschappelijk bezit van productiemiddelen en verbruiksgoederen



  1. Entrustment
  2. Entrustment and supervision
  3. Precise definition and entrustment of the SGEI
  4. RTP is officially entrusted by the Portuguese authorities with the provision of that service (entrustment),
  5. is officially entrusted by the Danish authorities with the provision of that service (entrustment),
  6. agreeing on voluntary entrustment of tasks and voluntary delegation of responsibilities where appropriate;
  7. Secondly, the entrustment must relate to a service of general economic interest.
  8. Need for an instrument specifying the public service obligations and the methods of calculating compensation (Entrustment)
  9. the Dutch public broadcasters are officially entrusted by the Dutch authorities with the provision of that service (entrustment);
  10. the undertaking in question must be explicitly entrusted by the Member State with the provision of that service (entrustment);
  11. The NPC, as a government body, does not need entrustment or delegation, concepts that refer to private entities.
  12. France 2 and France 3 have been entrusted with these public service tasks by an official decision (entrustment and supervision),
  13. In this case, the proper entrustment of the SGEI is clear from the concession decision and the concession agreement.
  14. Firstly, there must be an act of entrustment, whereby the State confers responsibility for the execution of a certain task to an undertaking.
  15. The Court of Justice has made it clear that, for a measure to benefit from such exemption, the principles of definition, entrustment and proportionality must all be fulfilled.