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first derivative

first derivative
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • differentiaalquotiënt
  • the result of mathematical differentiation; the instantaneous change of one quantity relative to another; df(x)/dx





  1. If a first or second-asset to default derivative is externally rated and meets the conditions for a qualifying debt item, then the protection seller need only calculate one specific risk charge reflecting the rating of the derivative.
  2. An entity shall assess whether an embedded derivative is required to be separated from the host contract and accounted for as a derivative when the entity first becomes a party to the contract.
  3. A first-asset-to-default credit derivative creates a position for the notional amount in an obligation of each reference entity.
  4. A first-time adopter shall assess whether an embedded derivative is required to be separated from the host contract and accounted for as a derivative on the basis of the conditions that existed at the later of the date it first became a party to the contract and the date a reassessment is required by paragraph 7.
  5. In other words, if a first-time adopter derecognised non-derivative financial assets or non-derivative financial liabilities under its previous GAAP as a result of a transaction that occurred before 1 January 2004, it shall not recognise those assets and liabilities under IFRSs (unless they qualify for recognition as a result of a later transaction or event).
  6. Notwithstanding the first sentence, the institution may elect to replace the notional value by the notional value, minus any market value changes of the credit derivative since trade inception.
  7. The first shall be its specific‐risk component — this is the risk of a price change in the instrument concerned due to factors related to its issuer or, in the case of a derivative, the issuer of the underlying instrument.
  8. In any case not covered by paragraphs 2 to 6, the most relevant market shall be the Member State where the regulated market that first admitted the transferable security or derivative contract or financial contract for differences to trading is located.
  9. Where an institution obtains credit protection for a number of reference entities underlying a credit derivative under the terms that the first default among the assets shall trigger payment and that this credit event shall terminate the contract, the institution may offset specific risk for the reference entity to which the lowest specific risk percentage charge among the underlying reference entities applies according to Table 1 of this Annex.