Betekenis van:

to foreclose
    • subject to foreclosing procedures; take away the right of mortgagors to redeem their mortgage


    to foreclose
      • keep from happening or arising; make impossible




      1. Just when the bank was about to foreclose on her home, she came into a lot of money.
      2. The Decision then explains why tying in this particular case is liable to foreclose competition.
      3. Following the merger, the new entity will have the ability to foreclose access to gas and raise its rivals’ costs in various ways.
      4. The notified operation will foreclose the gas demand of the only LDC which is so far not controlled by GDP, namely Portgás.
      5. Finally, the likely reduction of liquidity on the Danish wholesale gas market increases the ability of DONG to foreclose access to wholesale gas to its competitors.
      6. However, it is not considered that anti-dumping duties of the proposed individual levels on imports of TA manufactured by companies representing about two-thirds of PRC exports would foreclose the EC market to PRC suppliers.
      7. With regard to substation components it has been brought to the Commission's attention that the merged entity would become a monopolist for certain components with the potential to foreclose competitors.
      8. The merged entity will be armed with the knowledge of its actual competitors’ input costs will be able to price in such a way so as to foreclose its rivals.
      9. The new entity will have the ability and incentive to foreclose access to wholesale gas to its competitors (RDCs and traders) on the market for gas supply to residential customers
      10. Furthermore, the Commission has not found any evidence that it could be a profitable strategy for Bertelsmann to foreclose competitors from access to its TV channels and radio stations.
      11. %, and there are strong competitors in all affected markets which either produce their own components or have their own, independent source of components so that it will be impossible for Siemens to foreclose these competitors.
      12. The new entity will have the ability and incentive to foreclose access to wholesale gas to its competitors (RDCs and traders) on the market for gas supply to small industrial and commercial customers
      13. The market investigation provided insufficient indications that Siemens would as a result of the merger be in a position to foreclose the said component markets in Austria to its competitors on the component level.
      14. As noted in recital 125 of the provisional Regulation, however, the anti-dumping measures are intended only to restore a level playing field in this market, and not to foreclose competition, which should be ensured in view of the number of different producers and exporting countries besides China.
      15. It is argued that Bertelsmann could use its position in television and radio stations to foreclose competitors and favour Sony BMG, in particular by granting preferential rates or treatment or by foreclosure of competitors from promoting their artists via these channels.