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health professional

health professional
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a person who helps in identifying or preventing or treating illness or disability





    1. Professional qualifications (Subsection 4.6) Health and safety conditions (Subsection 4.7)
    2. audit the activity of the approved qualified aquatic animal health professional; and
    3. Professional competences (Subsections 2.2.1 and 4.6) Health and safety conditions (Subsections 2.2.1 and 4.7)
    4. The donor suitability records and final assessment shall be signed by a qualified health professional.
    5. ‘approved qualified aquatic animal health professional’ means a qualified aquatic animal health professional designated by the competent authority to carry out specific official controls on quarantine facilities on its behalf.
    6. The complete donor records must be reviewed and assessed for suitability and signed by a qualified health professional.
    7. Requirements related to the minimum professional competences of maintenance staff, with reference to the risks for health and safety.
    8. Mainstreaming of training in support of EU Environment and Health Action Plan into the curricula for education, training, and continuous professional development of environmental health professionals.
    9. In the case of living donors, the health professional responsible for obtaining the health history must ensure that the donor has:
    10. Member States shall ensure that health surveillance is carried out by a doctor, an occupational health professional or a medical authority responsible for health surveillance in accordance with national law and practice.
    11. prescribe that processing of personal data in electronic health records and their systems must be required and carried out only by a health professional subject under national law or rules established by national competent bodies to the obligation of professional secrecy or by another person subject to an equivalent obligation of secrecy; ensure a reliable identification of patients and health professionals;
    12. The aquaculture production business operator of the quarantine facility must secure, by contract or legal instrument, the services of an approved qualified aquatic animal health professional.
    13. In such cases, the competent doctor or occupational health professional or the competent authority may propose that the exposed persons undergo a medical examination.
    14. Theoretical training is that part of nurse training from which trainee nurses acquire the professional knowledge, insights and skills necessary for organising, dispensing and evaluating overall health care.
    15. However, many professional activities are often conducted on customers’ premises which often do not have all the appropriate measures to manage, control and reduce the risks to health.