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Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • the quality of conforming to law




    1. Lawfulness of the scheme
    2. Lawfulness of the aid
    4. Lawfulness of the measure
    5. Lawfulness and compatibility of the State aid
    6. Indication of lawfulness of the scheme [13]
    7. Principles of lawfulness, proportionality and purpose
    8. Conclusions on existence and lawfulness of State aid to DHL
    9. Qualification of the measure as new aid and lawfulness of the aid
    10. facilitate the monitoring of lawfulness and compliance with the provisions of this Decision concerning the processing of personal data.
    11. When the procedure was initiated, the Commission was not in a position to establish the lawfulness of these aid measures.
    12. issue an opinion on the lawfulness of actual or proposed processing operations or on any issue concerning the notification of processing operations;
    13. Independently of such requests, these authorities and the bodies responsible for recording shall carry out random checks on the lawfulness of supply, based on the files involved.
    14. either provide for a speedy judicial review of the lawfulness of detention to be decided on as speedily as possible from the beginning of detention;
    15. Anyone can request these authorities to check the lawfulness of the processing of data in respect of their person in compliance with national law.