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physical property


  1. “Tangible personal property” is not defined in Illinois legislation but is taken to be any physical property.
  2. Assuming that exempt companies have no physical presence in Gibraltar and would therefore have no liability for payroll or business property occupation tax.
  3. Settlement and clearing services relating to change of physical property of securities are recorded in Centre of Securities (Clearing and Settlement House for Securities).
  4. Settlement and clearing services relating to change of physical property of securities are recorded in Centre of Securities (Clearing and Settlement House for Securities).
  5. A hedge of the risk of obsolescence of a physical asset or the risk of expropriation of property by a government is not eligible for hedge accounting; effectiveness cannot be measured because those risks are not measurable reliably.
  6. If the results of the relevant method or methods in accordance with Part 2 of Annex I of this Regulation show that the specific form of substance marketed does not exhibit this physical property or these physical hazards, the substance shall be classified in accordance with the result or results of this test or these tests.
  7. The same reasoning applies equally to a business property occupation tax applied in the absence of a general system of taxation of company profits and replacing such a system, under which each undertaking's liability for tax is set at a rate equivalent to the same fixed percentage of its liability to general property rates. Such a measure also advantages the current ‘exempt companies’ that normally have no physical presence in Gibraltar.
  8. The reason for this is that exempt companies tend not to have a physical presence in Gibraltar. Accordingly, they have neither employees nor business premises in Gibraltar and therefore will incur liability neither for the payroll tax nor for the business property occupation tax.
  9. For the recognition of other physical collateral the following conditions shall be met:(a) the collateral arrangement shall be legally effective and enforceable in all relevant jurisdictions and shall enable the credit institution to realise the value of the property within a reasonable timeframe;
  10. This Decision does not cover mass gatherings, natural disasters or serious accidents within the meaning of Article 18 of the Prüm Decision but complements those provisions of the Prüm Decision envisaging forms of police assistance between Member States through special intervention units in other situations, namely in man-made crisis situations presenting a serious direct physical threat to persons, property, infrastructure or institutions, in particular hostage taking, hijacking and similar events.
  11. ‘crisis situation’ shall mean any situation in which the competent authorities of a Member State have reasonable grounds to believe that there is a criminal offence presenting a serious direct physical threat to persons, property, infrastructure or institutions in that Member State, in particular those situations referred to in Article 1(1) of Council Framework Decision 2002/475/JHA of 13 June 2002 on combating terrorism;
  12. Article 1(3) of this Convention defines a ‘terrorist act’ as ‘any act which is a violation of the criminal laws of a State Party and which may endanger the life, physical integrity or freedom of, or cause serious injury or death to, any person, any number or group of persons or causes or may cause damage to public or private property, natural resources, environmental or cultural heritage and is calculated or intended to:i) intimidate, put in fear, force, coerce or induce any government, body, institution, the general public or any segment thereof, to do or abstain from doing any act, or to adopt or abandon a particular standpoint, or to act according to certain principles; orii) disrupt any public service, the delivery of any essential service to the public or to create a public emergency; oriii) create general insurrection in a State.’The definition in this Article also covers the financing of terrorism, insofar as it includes ‘any promotion, sponsoring, contribution to, command, aid, incitement, encouragement, attempt, threat, conspiracy, organizing, or procurement of any person, with the intent to commit any act referred to in [the preceding] paragraph.’