Betekenis van:
practice session

practice session
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • opdracht om het geleerde te oefenen
  • systematic training by multiple repetitions





  1. Those rules should be adapted to technical progress and should take account of developments in relevant international standards, in particular the Codex Standard for fruit juices and nectars (Codex Stan 247-2005) which was adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission during its 28th session on 4-9 July 2005 and the Code of Practice of the European Fruit juice Association (AIJN).
  2. The OSCE Forum on Security and cooperation held a special session in 2007 devoted to this topic and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly adopted in 2008 a resolution calling for the completion, adoption and implementation of an OSCE Best Practice Guide on the illicit air transportation of SALW.