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root system

root system
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a developed system of roots




    1. The tree's root system stretches over thirty meters.
    2. root causes relating to the regulatory framework conditions and application of the safety management system.
    3. Monitoring sites shall be established to provide data on nitrogen in water leaving the root zone and entering the groundwater system and on nitrogen losses by surface and subsurface runoff, both under derogation and non derogation conditions.
    4. Shallow groundwater, soil water, drainage water and streams in farms belonging to the monitoring network shall provide data on nitrate and phosphorus concentration in water leaving the root zone and entering the groundwater and surface water system.
    5. With regard to the quality system of the carrier, the EC team found in its report that the organization could not demonstrate that all aspects of the maintenance and flight operational processes are audited on a regular basis; actions implemented do not always take the root cause into account and there is no overall system to control the open findings (internal and external audits including Ukraine SAA findings).
    6. RECALLING General Assembly resolution 54/212 of 22 December 1999, in which the Assembly urged Member States and the United Nations system to strengthen international cooperation in the area of international migration and development in order to address the root causes of migration, especially those related to poverty, and to maximize the benefits of international migration to those concerned, and encouraged, where relevant, interregional, regional and subregional mechanisms to continue to address the question of migration and development,
    7. In order to prove that the derogation will not jeopardise the objective of the national action programme and the Directive, a network of sampling of soil water, streams and of shallow groundwater established as agricultural catchment monitoring sites under the national monitoring programme shall be maintained to provide data on state of nitrate content in water leaving the root zone and entering the groundwater system.