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  1. Shrub layer
  2. 2 shrub layer (only ligneous, incl. climbers) > 0,5 m height
  3. The scientific name and code of the present (small) tree, shrub, and herbs species with the indication whether they show symptoms or not.
  4. Identification of visible ozone on (small) tree, shrub, and perennial species within the LESS and (optional) the ground vegetation within the Level II plot
  5. The average height and estimated cover of the total ground vegetation layer, the shrub layer, the herb layer and the moss layer shall be submitted as follows:
  6. information on the total ground vegetation layer (cover), the shrub and herbs layer (cover and average height) and the moss layer (cover).
  7. The planting distance and the training and pruning methods must be those in general use; plants must not exceed a density of 660 per hectare and must be trained to a multi-stem shrub system or be pruned to an open-centre or shrub shape.
  8. For the symptom assessment of small tree, shrub, and herbs species within the LESS and the ground vegetation (optional) within the Level II plot the following information is required for each of the randomly selected sampling spatial unit: