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subject field


  1. The subject matter of the UPOV Convention falls also within the scope of existing Community regulations in this field.
  2. the format of the subject field in the message to enable/allow for an automated processing of the messages,
  3. The field of visibility of the registration plate when mounted on the vehicle remains subject to the relevant national regulations.
  4. The Chairperson decides whether a subject belongs to the field of competence of the AG (according to paragraph 1.2) and will inform the AG accordingly if they decide that a matter does not fall within the AG’s field of competence.
  5. It results from the LNE having been the subject of an ad hoc evaluation of its researchers in the context of its public obligations in the research field.
  6. the national provisions in accordance with which the measure is taken have not been subject to Community harmonisation in the field of the safety of services;
  7. Furthermore, the European Community has competence in other fields which can be subject to conventions of the HCCH, as in the field of the internal market (Article 95 EC Treaty) or consumer protection (Article 153 EC Treaty).
  8. ‘excise duties’ means the taxes which are subject to the Community legislation in the field of excise, and includes the taxes on energy products and electricity under Council Directive 2003/96/EC [11];
  9. State aid for research, development and innovation in the environmental field is subject to the rules set out in the Authority’s State aid Guidelines on aid for research and development and innovation [31].
  10. In order to ensure that the institutions and others subject to Community legislation in this field remain committed, feedback should, where practicable, be made available to them on the usefulness and follow-up of the reports they present.
  11. A call for tenders may be organised in order to provide a secretariat to support the Safer Internet Forum, including subject-field experts, to suggest themes of study, prepare working papers, moderate discussions and record conclusions.
  12. The Huber subsidiaries which are the subject of this transaction comprise the worldwide business of J.M. Huber Corporation (Huber PCC) in the field of production and supply of on-site filler PCC to the paper industry.
  13. Liechtenstein originally reserved its right to participate in Eures subject to the results of the joint review of the transitional measures in the field of free movement of persons as contained in Protocol 15 to the Agreement.
  14. The marketing in the Community of seed of field pea (Pisum sativa) and of field bean (Vicia faba), which does not satisfy the minimum germination capacity requirements laid down in Directive 66/401/EEC shall be permitted, for a period expiring on 31 May 2005, in accordance with the terms set out in the Annex to this Decision and subject to the following conditions:
  15. Common action in the field of police cooperation under Article 30(1)(b) of the Treaty on European Union and common action on judicial cooperation in criminal matters under Article 31(1)(a) of the Treaty on European Union imply a need to process the relevant information which should be subject to appropriate provisions on the protection of personal data.