Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • severely simple in line or design
    "a neat tailored suit"
    "tailored curtains"


    Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
      • (of clothing) custom-made




      2. It is also necessary to ensure that generation of information is tailored to real information needs.
      3. They are therefore tailored to the three product types concerned and not exhaustive.
      4. Pharmacodynamic studies shall be designed and tailored to the specificities of tissue engineered products.
      5. Prior preparation of the participants is advisable, and should be tailored to their specific needs.
      6. producing and disseminating documentary material tailored to the specific needs of the groups concerned (written, audiovisual and electronic material);
      7. The Commission also takes the view that the measures in question are tailored to the Community interest in question.
      8. It shall prepare both general and tailored risk analyses to be submitted to the Council and the Commission.
      9. However, the threshold has the effect that the measure is de facto tailored to energy-intensive users.
      10. The groups are well placed to contribute to climate change adaptation and renewable energy solutions tailored to the local situation.
      11. Young people with fewer opportunities should be given equal chances for social and professional integration through individually tailored measures.
      12. To enhance generational renewal in agriculture, combinations of measures available under axis 1, tailored to the needs of young farmers, may be considered.
      13. Coatings, including paints, specially designed for reduced or tailored reflectivity or emissivity in the microwave, infrared or ultraviolet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
      14. For non-commercial operations, the operational and licensing rules should be tailored to the complexity of the aircraft and a related definition should be set out.
      15. Those development policies are one of the pillars of the Community’s external relations, affording a solution tailored to the needs of developing countries.