Betekenis van:
take aim

to take aim
  • (een wapen) richten
  • point or cause to go (blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment) towards





  1. Take aim at the target.
  2. Take steady aim at the tiger.
  3. The sole aim of this power is to take account of the differences which exist in certain national laws.
  4. In so far as this is not fully achieved by the provisions of that Directive, Member States should take the necessary measures to achieve this aim.
  5. Belgium considers that SNCB maintained the rescue measures with the sole aim of covering the period necessary for the Commission to take the final decision in this case.
  6. It is also necessary that Portugal continues to take measures to control the spread of PWN with the aim of eradication.
  7. Ensuring that preparations for transposition take place at an early stage and that they have as their aim correct and timely transposition
  8. The aim of this review shall be to ensure that the guides remain practicable and to take account of technological and scientific developments.
  9. Such coordination and cooperation shall take place without prejudice to open scientific debate and shall aim to promote impartial scientific advice.
  10. The role of the Workers’ Housing Fund was to take care of the provision of loans for social housing with the aim of solving the housing needs of those who require special assistance thereto (cf. Article 47 of the Act).
  11. Depending on the specificities of each individual case, the ban may take different forms that aim at striking the most appropriate balance between individual treatment of aid distortions and competitive market conditions [47].
  12. in the case of a proposed restriction, proposals for other regulatory or non-regulatory measures that could meet the aim of the proposed restriction (this shall take account of existing legislation).
  13. Prioritisation shall aim at balancing additional costs and burdens for new statistical requirements by reducing statistical requirements in existing domains of Community statistics and shall take place in close cooperation with the Member States.
  14. As indicated earlier, the purpose of this condition was to transfer the ownership to owners who, since they would aim at maximising the value of their investment, would take the measures necessary to restore the competitiveness of the yards.
  15. Security research needs specific implementation rules to take into account its special nature with the aim of protecting sensitive information related to security, and to providing sufficient information on the results for the Member States and end-users.