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transferred property

transferred property
Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • a possession whose ownership changes or lapses





    1. the property may be transferred to the issuing State.
    2. transfer duties on assets of any kind transferred to a capital company, insofar as such property is transferred for a consideration other than shares in the company;
    3. WestLB was subject to neither property tax (Vermögenssteuer) nor tax on business capital (Gewerbekapitalsteuer) on the transferred capital.
    4. Urenco has transferred to ETC all resources necessary to design and manufacture centrifuge equipment, including production facilities, technology (intellectual property rights), financial resources and employees.
    5. In its view, the transferred property and the special-purpose reserve formed immediately after its acquisition by LSH were ‘deductible’ at any time.
    6. Under section 60 of the Telecommunications Act 1984, the property, rights and liabilities of the public corporation were transferred to the privatised successor company, British Telecommunications plc.
    7. If the confiscation order covers an amount of money, the property may only be transferred to the issuing State when that State has given its consent;
    8. In order to remain taxable, the realised gains inherent in the transferred property have to be reflected in the tax accounts of the receiving company.
    9. Belgium argues that the fact that the property of the buildings has been transferred back to the City puts an end to the State aid issue.
    10. The Belgian authorities consider that since the property has been transferred back to the City (without compensation) puts an end to the State aid issue.
    11. are contracted out to persons working in their own homes, or to independent firms that make up work from materials supplied without the property therein being transferred for consideration.
    12. The precise amount of collateral depends on the individual case, and in particular on the assets the shareholders have previously transferred to the enterprise, e.g. in the form of equity or intellectual property rights.
    13. If it is not apparent from the property “fit to push” in the previous ship certificate which formations are authorised, the entry from the previous ship certificate may be transferred to item 52.
    14. The buildings erected on the leased land were the property of the Herlitz Group and when they were sold to GGB, the emphyteusis on the land was transferred with them.
    15. If the confiscation order concerns an amount of money, state whether property, other than money obtained from the execution of the confiscation order, may be transferred to the issuing State: