Betekenis van:

participant (de ~ | meervoud participanten)
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • iemand die ergens aan deelneemt; iemand die deelneemt
"de participanten in [een bedrijf]"
"participant in [een project]"





  1. Unless otherwise requested by the participant, its BIC(s) shall be published in the TARGET2 directory.”.
  2. „addressable BIC holder” means an entity which: (a) holds a Business Identifier Code (BIC); (b) is not recognised as an indirect participant; and (c) is a correspondent or customer of a direct participant or a branch of a direct or indirect participant, and is able to submit payment orders to and receive payments from a TARGET2 component system via the direct participant,”
  3. Each participant shall have at least one SWIFT Alliance WebStation, or another interface, as may be required by SWIFT, to have access to the ICM via U2A.”.
  4. The ECB shall freeze the balance on the sub-account of the participant upon communication by the ancillary system (via a „start-of-cycle” message).
  5. Upon request by a participant acting as a settlement bank, the ECB shall open one or more sub-accounts in TARGET2-ECB to be used for dedicating liquidity.”.
  6. „User Detailed Functional Specifications (UDFS)” means the most up-to-date version of the UDFS, which is the technical documentation that details how a participant interacts with TARGET2.”.