Betekenis van:
go across


  1. Go across the river!
  2. Never go across the street without looking for cars first.
  3. I like to go across the lake in a sailboat.
  4. Will you go across to the baker's and buy some bread?
  5. For our singing lessons, we would go to the music school across the road.
  6. Why would you go all the way to city to get a burger when there are many burger places here across the street.
  7. Let us go together. We can swim across the river, carry off the bear cubs, take them to the house on the mountain, and together find happiness.
  8. Now you are in Old Town, so it will be best to go by foot across Charles Bridge and then along Mostecká Street to Malostranské Square.
  9. Go straight, then take the second street to the left and turn immediately again to the right. That will be Karlova Street and then you should keep going straight across Charles Bridge to Mostecka Street and on to Malostranské Square.
  10. The risk capital market across the European Union has changed markedly since the publication of the Communication in 2001. In view of this the United Kingdom agrees that there will need to be some fundamental revisions in the Communication when it is revised in 2006. This will almost certainly need to go beyond looking at tranche sizes to look at other issues such as the balance of private sector risk as compensation for greater public funding and greater use of instruments such as block exemptions.
  11. Since the objective of this Regulation, namely the establishment of the ENIAC Joint Undertaking, cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States due to the trans-national nature of the great research challenges identified, which requires the pooling of complementary knowledge and financial resources across the sectors and borders and can therefore be better achieved at Community level, the Community may adopt measures, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity as set out in Article 5 of the Treaty. In accordance with the principle of proportionality, as set out in that Article, this Regulation does not go beyond what is necessary in order to achieve that objective,