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safety device

safety device
Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • erewacht
  • a device designed to prevent injury or accidents





  1. This machine doesn't have a safety device.
  2. Retractable safety device linking axle to bogie frame.
  3. Any safety device missing or not operating correctly.
  4. Where safety so requires, a parking device must be provided to render stationary machinery immobile.
  5. pressure, temperature and flow sensors (if used as a safety device);
  6. check valve or non-return valve (if used as a safety device);
  7. pressure, temperature, hydrogen and flow sensors (if used as a safety device);
  8. Extension of the ramp in the horizontal direction shall be protected by a safety device.
  9. .2 supplied at a voltage not exceeding 250 V by safety isolating transformers supplying only one consuming device; or
  10. Where safety so requires, in the event of a failure of the main device, or in the absence of the energy supply needed to actuate the main device, an emergency device with a fully independent and easily accessible control device must be provided for slowing down and stopping.
  11. Visual inspection for wear and correct operation with special attention to any safety device fitted and/or use of measuring gauge.
  12. Axle boxes shall comply with the drawing shown in Annex X Plate 9. Retractable safety device linking axle to bogie frame.
  13. Description of a particular type of safety belt where an anchorage is located in the seat backrest or incorporates an energy dissipating device: …
  14. The reversal may be actuated by one of the safety devices referred to in paragraph or by any other device.
  15. A safety device (e.g. reversing mechanism) shall protect areas not visible to the operator, where the movement of the lift might trap or crush objects.