Vertaling van babbelen


babbelen, keuvelen, praten {ww.}
to chat
to babble 
to chatter

wij babbelen
jullie babbelen
zij babbelen

we chat
you chat
they chat
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Laat ons babbelen.
Let's chat.
Ik ben er, wil je praten?
I'm here. Do you want to chat?
babbelen, kakelen, keuvelen, klessebessen, kletsmeieren, kouten, kwebbelen, kwekkebekken, kwetteren, ratelen, rellen, snateren, snappen, parlevinken, tateren, kleppen, kwekken, kletsen {ww.}
to twaddle
to tattle
to tittle-tattle
to prate
to prattle
to palaver
to piffle
to gibber
to maunder
to gabble
to clack
to chatter
to blabber
to blab

wij babbelen
jullie babbelen
zij babbelen

we twaddle
you twaddle
they twaddle
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