Betekenis van:

to compute
  • met getallen, cijfers werken, volgens de regels hoeveelheden, aantallen benoemen, samenstellen en ontbinden
  • make a mathematical calculation or computation





  1. Scientists can easily compute the distance between planets.
  2. Can you compute the distance of the moon from the earth?
  3. Service to compute dimensions of objects visible in an image or other geodata.
  4. The NCBs and the ECB also compute their own BSIs statistics.
  5. The model shall employ current market data to compute current exposures.
  6. the algorithms used to compute standard deviation should be described in a technical document;
  7. Compute for the sample the test statistic quantifying the sum of the standard deviations from the limit and defined as:
  8. The model shall then compute the exposure value for the netting set at each future date given the changes in the market variables.
  9. If the portfolio share associated with the largest exposure, C1, is available, the credit institution may compute N as 1/C1.
  10. Workstation A high-performance, single-user computer typically used for graphics, CAD, software development, financial and scientific applications among other compute-intensive tasks.
  11. Other meters would require the user to capture a series of changing values every 5 seconds for a five-minute period and then compute the average manually.
  12. The Bessel algorithm must be used to compute the 1 s average values from the instantaneous smoke readings, converted in accordance with paragraph 6.3.1.
  13. First, all positions shall be weighted according to maturity (as explained in point 18), in order to compute the amount of capital required against them.
  14. In this regard, since for bank bonds the only fees paid are distribution fees, the Commission considers it right to compute equivalent upfront fees for mutual funds.
  15. The tax effectively incurred accordingly amounts to EUR 185505996 [9], which is the term of reference to compute the eventual aid grant equivalent.