Betekenis van:

Bijvoeglijk naamwoord
    • tending to deter
    "the deterrent effects of high prices"
    Zelfstandig naamwoord
    • barrière, beletsel, hindernis, hinderpaal, hobbel
    • something immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress





    1. The law's harsh sentence is a deterrent against drinking and driving.
    2. Deterrent mechanisms
    3. Use of acoustic deterrent devices
    4. Maximum spacing between two acoustic deterrent devices along nets
    5. Technical specifications and conditions of use of acoustic deterrent devices
    6. Those reductions and exclusions shall be effective and proportionate and shall act as a deterrent.
    7. Further, the in-depth investigation did not provide any evidence of a credible deterrent mechanism.
    8. Fisheries in which the use of acoustic deterrent devices is mandatory
    9. recognising that Comprehensive Safeguards Agreements with Additional Protocols have a deterrent effect on nuclear proliferation and form today’s verification standard;
    10. Note 2:6A001.c. includes diver deterrent acoustic systems that use spark gap sources, also known as plasma sound sources.
    11. Those penalties shall be proportionate to the seriousness of the offence and constitute an effective deterrent against improper use.
    12. Note 1:6A001.c. does not control diver deterrent systems based on underwater explosive devices, air guns or combustible sources.
    13. Provisions should, therefore, be made for deterrent charges to be levied on surplus stocks in the new Member States.
    14. Scientific and technical research, in particular on new forms of active deterrent devices, should not be hindered by this Regulation.
    15. Positive and negative security assurances can play an important role: they can serve both as an incentive to forego the acquisition of WMD and as a deterrent.