Betekenis van:

Zelfstandig naamwoord
  • anders; afwijkend; waarin onderscheid gemaakt wordt; verschillend; verschillend; verschillend; uiteenlopend




  1. Het „Guidance document for the sampling of lots of fish containing whole fishes of different size and/or weight” [2] bevat specifieke richtsnoeren voor dergelijke gevallen.
  2. non-scheduled (charter) traffic is sold virtually only at one end of the route; passengers on non-scheduled (charter flights buy their seats from a tour operator, while passengers on scheduled flights buy predominantly from travel agents or directly with the airline involved; seats on non-scheduled (charter) flights are sold to tour operators, contrary to seats on scheduled flights which are only sold to tour operators in small allotments; non-scheduled (charter) flights are operated at the commercial risk of one or more tour operators, the commercial risk of scheduled flights is with the air carrier; penalties for cancellation on scheduled flights are non-existing or, at least, much more liberal; the non-scheduled (charter) market has many more and different players.